Lost SciFi Books 151 thru 155, Murray Leinster
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Lost Sci-Fi Books 151 thru 155

Narrator: Scott Miller

Unabridged: 3 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Scott Miller

Published: 10/18/2023


Lost Sci-Fi Books 151 thru 155 - Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60sThe Thing Behind Hell's Door by Robert Silverberg - It seemed to be human... but it was inside out, all its organs exposed... the heart beating, the lungs breathing, the stomach digesting... and now, the Thing began to come toward him... its mouth working hideously!The Gregory Circle by Murray Leinster - Trying to connect hillbilly Bud Gregory with the atomic dust destroying America was like joining simple math and nuclear physics, but Dr. Murfree found the answer!The Shape of Things by Ray Bradbury - Peter Horn hadn't planned it that way at all. Neither he nor his wife imagined that such a thing could happen to them. They had talked quietly for days about the birth of their coming child, they had eaten normal foods, slept a great deal, and, when it was time for her to fly in the helicopter to the hospital, her husband laughed and kissed her.No Morning After by Arthur C. Clarke - "But this is terrible!" said the Supreme Scientist. "Surely there is something we can do!" "Yes, Your Cognizance, but it will be extremely difficult. The planet is more than 500 light–years away, and it is very hard to maintain contact. However, we believe we can establish a bridgehead. Unfortunately, that is not the only problem."The Cosmic Express by Jack Williamson - Mr. Eric Stokes-Harding tumbled out of the rumpled bed-clothing, a striking slender figure in purple striped pajamas. He smiled fondly across to the other of the twin beds where his pretty bride lay quiet beneath light silk covers.