Long Lived Plants and Animals, Martin K. Ettingotn
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Long Lived Plants and Animals

Unabridged: 41 min

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Published: 03/05/2024


I’ve written a number of books on longevity and immortality. But I’ve only had some partial chapters on long lived plants and animals.This is an important subject because all of this life is based on the same DNA code we have in our own bodies.If this life can live for hundreds or thousands of years then this says that it is possible for humanity to live that long also.Here I’ve researched and included lots of specimens of animal and plant life which represent the extremes of longevity for widely varying life. This book covers the plant, animal kingdoms and includes lifeforms which are essentially immortal.Also, it is just fascinating to see who the longest lived mammals are, the oldest fish, and what about trees and bushes which have been around for thousands of years.