Killer Memory, Jo Duval
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Killer Memory
Jeannie Rousseau: A True WWII Female Spy Story

Author: Jo Duval

Narrator: Anabel Moda

Unabridged: 2 hr 37 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: WhizPub

Published: 06/18/2022

Category: History - Women


Picture this: A young, bright girl in Paris goes undercover to deliver the crucial intelligence that will single-handedly stop the production of Nazi superweapons and spare the lives of thousands.Jeannie Rousseau appeared to be just a highly educated girl, fluent in five languages, graduating at the top of her class at the elite university, the Paris Institute of Political Sciences. She had no idea she would become one of the most amazing women in WWII. When the German troops invaded France, Rousseau fought back — using nothing other than her gifted mind.If you are moved by true stories of women-empowered espionage full of soul-stirring historical context, then Killer Memory is a story you need to read. Jeannie Rousseau bravely took on the Gestapo, posing as an ally and sympathizer to extract the highly sensitive, secret plans of the Nazi party. Using her exceptional photographic memory and flawless German, Rousseau kept an extraordinary record of classified German operations.Working as an official liaison and translator for the Nazi occupiers, Rousseau gained their trust and evolved into an amateur spy. After a close call with the Gestapo, Rousseau had a chance encounter with an old friend that would change her life forever.Working closely with the Nazi party, Rousseau was bestowed with invaluable information, including details of the V-2 rockets, the Nazis’ new superweapons. Rousseau’s spy work paid off. Through her infiltration, the development of the superweapons was significantly delayed and thousands of lives were spared.Dive deep into a compelling history lesson as you discover the birth of espionage, the moments leading up to the Second World War, and how these elements combined to create one of the best spy stories in history.Killer Memory is part of the greater series, Remarkable Women in War, sharing with you the most moving stories of women's empowerment during times of militarism.