Immortal Crown, Elizabeth Brown
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Immortal Crown
Blood Crown Trilogy Book 3

Unabridged: 11 hr 4 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/10/2023


Ashera is a goddess. Her mates are battling against Ambrose's father. Judah, King of Sahira, is missing; his brother slain while masquerading as king.Freedom for all still hasn't come to Dunya, so Ashera's mission isn't complete. Changing the nobles' minds is going to be difficult, especially with Tomas still on the loose and the real King Judah missing.Unfortunately, that isn't the biggest hurdle Ashera and her mates now face. Tomas isn’t acting alone; he has a very powerful backer. Someone willing to destroy all of Dunya to stop Ashera from ever reaching her full potential.Daimon reveals who is really behind the resistance. A god so powerful, he killed Ashera and one of her mates in a past life, banished Daimon to Dunya, and sealed away the Land of the Gods, so they may never find their way home once reborn.Faced with the thunderous wrath of a vengeful god, can Ashera and her harem really change the world? Or will they die trying?