I Dream in Color, Sarah Mazza
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I Dream in Color

Author: Sarah Mazza

Narrator: Jake Chronister

Unabridged: 5 hr 8 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Sarah Mazza

Published: 06/17/2021


They gave me dreams of euphoria, life without pain, and took the body I no longer needed. No one wakes from the pod dreams. No one ever wanted to. Except, I did. Alex rouses to near darkness, glass enclosing him on all sides, drowning in salty fluid. Except, his lungs don’t burn for air, his mind doesn’t fade away, and there is a mechanical umbilical cord extending out of his navel. The Institute offers many services, but their specialty is a release from reality. All a Dreamer needs to pay is everything they have: blood, bone marrow and stems cells. A donation to biotech science. Thousands of broken souls sleep in their pods, every thought and each emotion manipulated, improved. Alex is the only man to wake, to get out. The world outside is as beautiful as it is cruel. Phosphorescent mushrooms illuminate streets patrolled by military police. There are riots in the capitol of this moon colony, and the never-ending war is coming home. Can Alex pave a life of normality in a world ripping itself apart? To escape his past, the trauma and addiction, that lead him to a pod? He meets a group of unlikely friends, and perhaps life will be different this time. Despite how Alex runs, the horrifying nature of his reality pursues him. The pods Dreams keep tugging him back. I Dream in Colour is a story of loneliness, and the dark places our minds can go to. It is filled with visuals of wonder, in a strange, alien world. Mostly, it is about the human capacity to hold onto hope—and to lose it. Perfect for fans of Jeff Vandermeer, Phillip K. Dick and N. K. Jemisin. What readers are saying about I Dream in Colour: “It feels real, with a filter of the surreal put over it.” – Goodreads Review “There is one word that keeps coming to me to describe this book: Powerful.” – Goodreads Review “The dystopian world has resonance and a grounding in reality that is, frankly, deeply unnerving.” – Goodreads Review “I have read over eleven hundred books in my life, and I can honestly and sincerely say this is now among my most favorite reads of all time and not something I will soon forget.” – Goodreads Review “The world described in almost poetic detail with giant fluorescent mushrooms growing off buildings and fish floating through cities.” – Goodreads Review