Faes Refuge, M. Lynn
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Fae's Refuge

Narrator: Olivia King

Unabridged: 7 hr 10 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 03/03/2022


A lost fae princess searching for a way home.A reluctant king trying to win a war. Tia O’Shea is beginning to lose hope. Hope that she’ll ever say goodbye to the foreign wastelands of Lenya. Hope that she’ll ever see her brother again. With a new king on the throne of Vondur, she is no longer a prisoner, but that doesn’t mean she is free. As they travel across the border into enemy territory, Tia and Gulliver search for their lost friends, but they find themselves among fierce golden warriors and a strange court they’re uncertain how to navigate. When she first arrived in Lenya, Tia thought war was the biggest danger they would face. She was wrong. There is not enough magic in all of Lenya to stop what’s coming for them now, but Tia is determined to try. First, she must return to the place where she was nearly executed. To a king who once kept her captive. He must be warned even if he doesn’t trust a single word she says. Fire is coming for them all, and the time for bickering enemies has long past. The journey through the forgotten kingdom is about to continue for Tia O’Shea. Prepare to lose yourself to this barren world where magic is scarce, and a devastatingly handsome fae kings breaks all the rules for the girl he loves.