Every Type of Plateau Slowing Your Pr..., Zane Rozzi
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Every Type of Plateau Slowing Your Progress and All of the Best Ways to Break Through
Everything You Need to Know - Easy Fast Results - It Works; and It Will Work for You

Author: Zane Rozzi

Narrator: Zane Rozzi

Unabridged: 2 hr 36 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Zane Rozzi

Published: 04/28/2022


Are you doing everything right but not making any further progress? That happens to everyone at multiple different points on the path to their goals. There are many different types of plateaus that stop your progress. You're most likely facing multiple different types of plateaus at the same time. The plateaus are universal and affect everyone. No matter what profession you're in, you'll face the same types of limiting plateaus as everyone else. The plateaus that halt your progress affect everyone from students to entrepreneurs to professional athletes.Are you: - Struggling to reach the next level no matter what you try?- Leading a business or organization that isn't growing as fast as it should be?- Trying all of the latest diet, supplement, and exercise trends but they aren't delivering any further improvements?- Spending hours studying but not improving your performance?- Training and practicing every day but not getting any better?There's always a reason why a person, or a business, or an organization is stuck. That reason is rarely because of techniques or strategies. So, the newest gimmicks and trendy advice won't work. You're stuck because you've hit one or more of the universal plateaus that affect everyone. So, you need to address the plateaus - not your techniques or methods.Don't waste time on trendy advice that quickly fizzles out. Instead, learn how to identify and break through all of the different types of plateaus that are stopping your progress. Once you overcome the plateaus, you'll be back on track to reaching your goals as fast as possible.You'll be able to start applying what you've learned immediately after you've finished reading this book by using the example procedures, responses, strategies, behaviors, and action steps. It works; and it will work for you. Read this book, apply the information, and see for yourself.