Dusty the Dachshund and the Snake, Zuzana Clark
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Dusty the Dachshund and the Snake

Author: Zuzana Clark

Unabridged: 48 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Zuzana Clark

Published: 07/06/2021

Includes: Bonus Material Bonus Material Included


Suitable for readers aged 5 and upDusty is a little dachshund and he is new in the house. He has to explore the garden, the vegetable patch, and his human friend´s collection of balls of thread. There are a lot of funny creatures. Dusty meets bugs with black and red stripes, mice with long tails, and a snake hiding in the wardrobe. But the snake isn’t happy in the house. He got into the wardrobe by accident. Dusty wants to help him go back to the meadow where he comes from.But it isn’t as easy as it first seems…Will Dusty manage to help the snake? Will he find friends in his new home? Let’s find out. Adventure is waiting for Dusty. A lot of mischief is going to be made.