Checking the Center, Delancey Stewart
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Checking the Center

Unabridged: 1 hr 56 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 08/16/2023


USA Today bestseller Delancey Stewart brings you a forced-proximity, naked-man-on-my-couch hockey romcom that'll have you snort-laughing! Grab the prequel to her new series: The Wilcox Wombats, and get ready to giggle.You have to be pretty desperate to consult someone referred to as the Drunken Psychic for insight into your perennially single status.But that's me...Working in a bakery despite dreaming of culinary school.Hanging out with my happily married friends and trying not to be gut-twistingly jealous.And renting a blissfully sweet one-bedroom apartment on the banks of a river that has been a much-needed refuge.Until now.Because tonight, after trying to make heads or tails of the psychic's mysterious pronouncements about my love life, I arrive home to find a man on my couch.A very naked, very muscley, very handsome man.Did I mention he was butt naked?And things only get more confusing from there. We have a whole conversation, in which he reveals that he's the star center for the Wilcox Wombats hockey team, Rock Stevens. And that Rock is actually his real name. And that he's in town for a week for an all-star pickleball tournament. And that my apartment is actually his apartment.And then he refuses to leave. Things only get more confusing from there.