Chakra For Beginners, Oliver Moore
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Chakra For Beginners
The Complete Guide to Awaken Chakras, Self-Healing Techniques, Balance the Chakras and Increase Your Energy

Author: Oliver Moore

Unabridged: 4 hr 19 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 02/27/2022


Do you want to learn more about the ancient wisdom of the Chakras? Do you feel like your Chakras are unbalanced and out of alignment? Looking for an all-natural, spiritual way to heal your body, mind, and soul? Then keep readingThe Chakras are an ancient concept with play a massive part in many Eastern religions. The power-points of the body, balancing and unlocking your Chakras is the key to spiritual, mental, and physical health – and in the modern world, far too many people walk around with their Chakras closed off.But now, Chakras for Beginners uncovers the secrets of the Chakras, using essential oils, healing crystals, mantras, and Chakra-cleansing foods to help you understand, unlock, and balance your Chakras for optimum health. Chakra cleansing can help ease physical ailments, cure mental health issues, reduce stress and anxiety, improve mindfulness, and much more!Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover:What Are The Seven Chakras, and What do They Do?How do Your Chakras Become Unbalanced?Essential Oils for Your Crown ChakraHow to Supercharge Your Creativity ChakraHow to Use Healing Crystals and StonesDaily Mantras and Affirmations for ManifestationNatural Foods for Chakra CleansingAnd So Much More!So don’t wait! Containing a detailed breakdown of the seven Chakras, and how they can help your life, this book is perfect for every skill level. There’s a reason Chakras are such a fundamental part of world religion – it’s time for you to find out why.Plus, with an audiobook version, you can listen along no matter how busy your life is!Buy now to discover how you can unlock your Chakras today!