Call of the Crow, Jessica Khoury
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Call of the Crow

Series: Skyborn

Unabridged: 9 hr 30 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 04/05/2022


Jessica Khoury brings her masterful world-building and emotional depth to this soaring fantasy series. In a world where everyoneis born with wings, stone monsters prowl the skies, hunting those who dare to fly too high. In the Clandoms, everyone is born with wings, though not all the clans are treated equally. Ellie Meadows longed to become aGoldwing -- the knights who protect the people -- but because she came from the humble Sparrow Clan, her dream faced almostinsurmountable resistance.Nox Hatcher has it even worse. Nox is a Crow, a shattered clan. They can't own businesses or run organizations, all due to amistake made hundreds of years ago. Nox has had to steal and scrape just to survive, but a single goal has kept him going, evenwhen it felt like all the Clandoms were against him. Years ago, his mother was imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit.Now, finally, Nox is going to save her.