Binge Eating, Melanie Frecken
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Binge Eating
Overcome Bingeing, Overeating, and Food Addiction

Narrator: Sarah Margrave

Unabridged: 1 hr 59 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Efalon Acies

Published: 09/03/2020


This book consists of two titles, which are the following: Book 1: This guide will guide you along in a crazy world with supermarkets full of shelves with snacks that contain absolutely no valuable nutrients whatsoever. Welcome to the binge eating book, the book that can help you stop snacking on things that aren’t healthy for you. Many people face this problem. It has become more common as the media is found mostly at home, with billions of people who have gotten into the habit of watching TV daily. Are you binge eating or just overeating?Is binge shopping based on the same dopamine triggers as binge eating?How can you quit binge eating anyway? These questions and many others will be addressed and discussed in this book.    Book 2: Based on various research projects, this book helps you see the best ways to stop binge eating. For some people, it’s an actual disorder. For others, it’s a bad routine they got into and want to break through. Why do people binge eat? What causes them to reach for unhealthy snacks, aside from the fact that they are at least affordable and tasty? Is there more involved in such an addiction? And what about chocolate? Is that a distinct case? Do men and women both binge eating in equal numbers? Find out why so many people are confronted with their binge eating habits. Learn why it is possible to stop, and even more so, exactly how to do it.