Before Eden, Arthur C. Clarke
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Before Eden

Narrator: Scott Miller

Unabridged: 31 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: Scott Miller

Published: 10/01/2023


Before Eden by Arthur C. Clarke - Venus wasn't the virgin planet Mankind had always assumed. It was simply that we got there too soon."I guess," said Jerry Garfield, cutting the engines, "that this is the end of the line." With a gentle sigh, the underjets faded out; deprived of its air-cushion, the scout-car Rambling Wreck settled down upon the twisted rocks of the Hesperian Plateau. There was no way forward; neither on its jets nor its tractors could S.5—to give the Wreck its official name—scale the escarpment that lay ahead. The South Pole of Venus was only thirty miles away, but it might have , been on another planet. They would have to turn back, and retrace their four-hundred-mile journey through this nightmare landscape.The weather was fantastically clear, with visibility of almost a thousand yards. There was no need of radar to show the cliffs ahead; for once, the naked eye was good enough. The green auroral light, filtering down through clouds that had rolled unbroken for a million years, gave the scene an underwater appearance, and the way in which all distant objects blurred into the haze added to the impression. Sometimes it was easy to believe that they were driving across a shallow sea-bed, and more than once Jerry had imagined that he had seen fish floating overhead."Shall I call the ship, and say we’re turning back?" he asked. "Not yet," said Dr. Hutchins. "I want to think."Jerry shot an appealing glance at the third member of the crew, but found no moral support there. Coleman was just as bad; although the two men argued furiously half the time, they were both scientists and therefore, in the opinion of a hard-headed engineer-navigator, not wholly responsible citizens. If Cole and Hutch had bright ideas about going forward, there was nothing he could do except register a protest.