Because Im Yours, Claire Contreras
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Because I'm Yours

Unabridged: 9 hr 10 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: The Wicked Pen

Published: 05/07/2024


Lenora De Luca   I've always been a good girl. The perfect daughter. The perfect sister. And, in two weeks, I'm supposed to become the perfect wife. I don't know or like the man my father chose to marry me off to but I have no say in the matter. That's why when I see Rocco Marchetti, the man I've had a crush on my entire life, I decide he'll be my first. When he looks at me it's electric and I know he wants me. We keep stealing glances and hiding smiles, but I want more. I want one night with him. So what if I'm the daughter of the most feared man in organized crime? So what if he's my overprotective brother's best friend? It's just one night.   Rocco Marchetti   Lenora De Luca is as forbidden as they get. She's also kind, and thoughtful, and makes my d...makes it hard to think. It starts off innocent enough, just flirting, but then she kisses me and tells me she wants to spend one night with me. It's wrong on so many levels, but I don't even try to deny that I want her. I tell myself that it'll be her wedding present (I know I'm sick, get over it). I've had plenty one nightstands that end amicably. Lenora can't possibly be any different. As long as her brother doesn't find out, things will be fine. I usually strategize and think through every decision, but something about her makes me walk right into the fire.