Baseball History The History of Base..., Ace McCloud
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Baseball History: The History of Baseball Along With Fascinating Facts & Unbelievably True Stories

Author: Ace McCloud

Narrator: Joshua Mackey

Unabridged: 1 hr 55 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 11/02/2020


Would you love to explore the incredible and exciting history of baseball?Whether you want to (1) learn amazing and interesting facts about baseball history, (2) discover some of baseball’s greatest events and stories, or (3) be thoroughly entertained as you learn how baseball has evolved over the years, this audio book will give you everything you need to know.Get an inside look at the game.This audio book is about what makes baseball the sport it is today. We’ll take you inside a game to see what individual players are thinking. Learn some of the early influences that have made the game what it is today.Discover the greatest innovations to baseball.Baseball relies equally upon chance and skill. Find out what players have used over the years to improve their odds for success. Follow the struggle for advantage between pitchers and batters, offense and defense.The Rich Culture of BaseballBaseball is a sport rich in history, culture, and traditions. Gain both inspiration and a treasure of knowledge that add depth to the game. Learn some of the strategies that have made baseball so unpredictably fascinating.Trace the Development of the Sport.Meet some of the interesting people who have contributed to the game. Learn from the ongoing legacy of practical innovation that has shaped baseball over its one hundred-plus years of history. Whatever your interest or level of knowledge, “The History of Baseball” will entertain, educate, and inspire you.Discover the incredibly entertaining history of baseball.Get inside the game: Buy It Now!