A Sweet, Scary Halloween, Duhane G. B. Williams
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A Sweet, Scary Halloween

Narrator: Kasey Miracle

Unabridged: 25 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 07/09/2022


Every Halloen night, many children around the world come out of their homes, wearing costumes, ready to trick-or-treat at their neighbors' houses. But this holiday is not just about all the candy you can eat, it's about the mysterious, terrifying and exciting atmosphere you can experience, surrounded by all the horror story decorations and fun, scary costumes.In this story, we meet a boy who for the first time is old enough to go trick-or-treating with his friends. He and his friends being fans of classic horror movies, the night promises to be very exciting for them, with tons of candy to receive, and plenty of chances to scare everyone around.However, things don't happen as they expect, and they end up embarking on an adventure full of mystery and a bit of terror that will put them in a tricky situation and test their perseverance, as well as their perspicacity and courage.Knowing that creating a taste and habit for reading in children is not an easy task, the perfect thing to do is to introduce them to stories that can excite them, that keep them expectant to know what will happen next. That is why mysterious stories are ideal for children to adopt the taste and habit of reading.Mystery stories being so exciting, keeping the reader expectant until the last second, this is an excellent story for children to spend a pleasant and adventurous time. But it is also an important book for all those parents who want to teach their children the value of perseverance, which is a value that is not taught enough nowadays, and that can be crucial for the little ones to achieve their goals in the future.So if you want your children to learn an important value, while getting excited about reading and living a great adventure, then this is the book for you.