A Charioteers Promise, Tanya Bird
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A Charioteer's Promise

Author: Tanya Bird

Narrator: Tim Campbell

Unabridged: 8 hr

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Published: 09/02/2019


Young love can be beautiful, reckless… dangerous.There is only one thing missing in Dulcia's life—a husband. At least, that is what others would have her believe. But she feels the absence of something else—her father. Half slave and half noble, Dulcia has existed alongside him her entire life, just out of reach. Everything changes the day she arrives home to news of her betrothal. The problem is her heart already belongs to someone else.Nero is trying to make something of himself. Raised on the streets of Rome, he understands that family is a privilege, not a given. That is why he is trying to build a life worthy of the woman he has loved quietly for years, the one he worships like the sun. But time is running out. Dulcia is to marry a man rich enough to give her every comfort she deserves—every comfort he cannot afford. Nero should step aside, but letting go is never that simple…This is the second book in the historical action romance series Roman Hearts. If you enjoy a moving love story, set against the thrilling and brutal backdrop of ancient Rome, then you will love A Charioteer's Promise.