2Minute Pep Talks, Niklas Goke
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2-Minute Pep Talks
67 Jolts of Inspiration for More Hope, Comfort, and Love in Any Situation

Author: Niklas Goke

Unabridged: 3 hr 58 min

Format: Digital Audiobook Download

Publisher: 365 Publishing

Published: 02/21/2024

Includes: Bonus Material Bonus Material Included


Feel Full of Hope, Love, and Comfort in Just 2 Minutes a DayImagine waking up every morning, feeling comfortable in your skin. Imagine loving yourself enough to ask life for no less than what you truly want. Imagine refusing to quit — and tackling every day with the endless optimism most adults believe is reserved only for children.What if you could begin every day fully believing you are ready to take on the world? Better yet, what if it only took 2 minutes to start your day like that? That's what 2-Minute Pep Talks is for.In this collection of 67 jolts of inspiration, celebrated writer Niklas Goke shares some of his favorite pieces, reworked ideas, and never-before-seen material, all to help you handle life's increasing complexity with grace, enthusiasm, and compassion.You'll learn...- Why our missteps are sometimes our best ones- How to work with your brain rather than against it- Why perseverance is more than just stubbornness- How to express yourself more honestly- Why you don't need more friends- How to stop flinching when the phone rings- What to do when you don't feel valued...and a lot more! With more than two months of daily inspiration across five categories, 2-Minute Pep Talks will be your daily pick-me-up, a new perspective providing additional fuel to accomplish your dreams.Whether you're looking for the silver lining in a world that seems to get messier by the day, novel ideas to stretch your brain, or that extra spring in your step — if you're ready to regain that light, energetic, hopeful feeling we all used to possess as children, this book is for you.Get your copy now, and feel full of hope, love, and comfort in just 2 minutes a day!